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The management team bring together a combination of in-depth knowledge and understanding of biotechnology and renewable energies, with a long track record of building and operating projects and companies in the energy sector.
Our experience of every link of the value chain from supply and storage to logistics and distribution as well as forming relationships essential for a successful business model are underpinned by the values that permeate all Enoil Bioetechnologies business, which means integrity, sustainability and excellence.
Today the team is a multinational and multicultural mix of senior managers and specialists dedicated to the spirit of Enoil Biotechnologies and its shared values.
We build our reputation for quality work, professionalism and commitments.



New company headquarters opened at Quai Gustave Ador 54, 1207 Geneva. The office is also dedicated to a research laboratory and a showroom for new biotechnologies. The Geneva laboratory will test the controlled breeding of micro-algae in photobioreactors, the IT and computer systems for production and will optimize the performance of magnetic levitation wind turbines.


A strategic location and environment based on excellence!

The Daval site is located right alongside the motorway exit. Situated on the Simplon axis, Sierre benefits from a good rail, road, and airport links.

Entrepreneurial minds will find the ideal setting to develop and prosper in the best possible conditions here thanks to the proximity of some major industrial groups, a long-standing familiarly with cutting-edge production and various centres of competence and research.

Sierre is also home to some higher education institutes in the fields of economics, tourism, social work, art and IT, creating a real breeding ground for young talent.

The city of Sierre is undergoing a period of rapid growth and is attracting some key public and private investments. The Daval zone benefits from the comprehensive commercial offer and the welcoming and dynamic city centre just a few minutes away.

The Daval zone is primarily aimed at industrial or craft-based companies which focus on innovation and generate jobs and added value.

The site offers a comprehensive range of modern infrastructure including gas and optical fibre. Public transport connections are planned in addition to a restaurant area and other services to benefit users of the zone.

Strategy Targets

  1. The strategy of Enoil Biotechnologies is to fulfil our vision by creating a long-term sustainable, profitable, and viable business model focused on a zero-emissions future, using proven renewable technologies contributing to help preserve our earth for the generations to come. The strategy is comprised of three key components:

First, our final products are sustainable energy for transport, industry and households and consumables from microalgae, waste and other organic or renewable biological sources for improved nutrition, health and well-being.

Second, our business model is anticipating accelerated growth and high profitability driven by algae, glycerine, electricity, and biofuels sales.

Third, our sustainable business model incorporates material environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into our investment decisions. Our sustainable business model seeks to fulfil the following financial objectives:

– achieve a positive environmental or social impact alongside strong financial returns.

– align investments with company values; and

– improve portfolio risk/return characteristics.

Enoil Bioetechnologies believe that project and assets managed according to sustainable investing criteria are growing more quickly than the industry at large not least because of society’s changing attitudes regarding sustainability and transparency of business models. We are convinced that performance and an overall robust investment process can be achieved by focusing thoughtfully on sustainability-related trends, risks and opportunities.


Enoil Biotechnologies, to achieve its goals, is collaborating with various companies and institutions in various fields, with Swiss institutions in the Canton of Geneva and the Canton of Valais, with financial structures and with various banks, with companies which are developing advanced technologies.
The company has also already signed important agreements of cooperation and joint ventures in several European countries.


Renewable energy is a practical, affordable solution to our electricity needs. By ramping up renewable energy, we can:

  • Reduce air pollution
  • Cut global warming emissions
  • Create new jobs and industries
  • Diversify our power supply
  • Decrease dependence on coal and other fossil fuels
  • Move toward a cleaner, healthier energy future

We have the technologies and resources to reliably produce at least 40 percent of our electricity from renewable energy sources within the next 20 years, and 80 percent by 2050. Renewable energy is growing rapidly, with record numbers of new wind and solar installations coming online every year. We can readily continue this rapid expansion of renewable energy by utilizing existing technologies, investing in improvements to our electricity system, and making smart policy decisions that move toward a clean energy future.

Bringing New Technology to Renewable Energy

One of our research team is exploring the use of vertical wind turbines, which have a smaller footprint and a less-damaging impact on wildlife than conventional horizontal tur, increasing power output, reducing noise, and reducing the financial cost of wind turbines.

The new generation of solar cells and high-efficiency solar panels are today available increasing power output and reducing the financial cost.

Enoil Biotechnologies

Enoil Biotechnologies an Advanced Biotechnology and Renewable Energy company based in Switzerland.

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Enoil Bioenergies Italia SPA

Enoil Bioenergies Italy SPA is an Advanced Biotechnology and Renewable Energy company registered in Italy.

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